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Father/Daughter #DailyarsenalMany years ago, perhaps even a decade, I was at Summer Fair, and wandered into one of the tents of a woodworker. I noticed a rocking blotter with inlaid wood. I’m a sucker for inlaid wood, and this particular piece reminded me of a rocking blotter Levenger used to sell. The price was more than reasonable, so I bought it.

Later, when I went to replace the blotting paper, I discovered the Levenger logo. It dawned on my that the artist was likely the guy who produced it for Levenger.

Two years ago–nearly to the day, I took this picture on the right. It was on a Saturday morning, when my daughter and I were doing some correspondence. We had pens, ink, paper, and, of course, the blotter. This is what happens when you grow up in the house of a pen geek.

I woke up this morning and, among other things, checked out my twitter feed. The CEO of Levenger commented on the photo, nothing how the blotter was one of his favorite products. He confirmed (or, at least, increased the plausibility) that I bought mine manufacturer direct. Unfortunately, the creator of such beautiful inlaid wood had passed away. I just think it was cool the CEO stumbled across my photo and took time to comment, giving me a bit more about the story.


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  1. Where do you get the “refill” blotting paper? I am thinking of getting a blotter for my son for Christmas

    • I bought a tabloid-sized sheet from an old office supply store, Spitzfaden, in downtown Cincinnati. I suspect it was meant for a desk blotter. In any case, I took the sheet and cut it down to size–I have a whole stack of it. :)

  2. ooo, after my blotter comes, would you considering mailing me a piece?

    • Assuming it’s a rocking-type blotter (like the one pictured (just so we have the right stuff)), I’d be happy to. I think you have me on Facebook. Send me a private message with an address.

  3. thanks, will do as soon as it arrives! (bought on ebay)

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