I Hate Being Sick   3 comments

TissueEarly last week, I probably had the hint of a cold. I didn’t think much of it, but it probably was there. I’m a dad: you all sorts of things find their way home. It happens. You roll with it.

My DC-based teammate (both in the sense he’s in the District of Columbia, and based in a data center) was in town for the week. About half my office owed him a beer, and I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to pay him back. So, Wednesday evening, we took him to Hofbräuhaus, a German beer garden. He loved it, and we had a good time. However, it was loud there–I spent the evening basically shouting across a table at my friends. My throat felt it on the way home. But, a good night’s rest would be the ticket, right?

My phone went off at 6:20–fifteen minutes before my alarm. There had been an issue, and I was being directed by folks well above my pay grade to go find a USB hard drive and get it to the data center to do a sneakernet transfer. Fortunately, it is easier to find a hard drive at 7 AM today than, say, ten years ago. I spent the day on the data center floor being remote hands, and trying to do what I could to help. Unfortunately, I find that the environment in the data center not conducive to avoiding the cold if you are on the cusp of it.

By Friday night, I was wiped out. We had all sorts of plans for the weekend. My daughter’s birthday was the prior week, so my in-laws were coming to take her out on Saturday, and she was having a party on Sunday. I had also hoped to ride my bike, and there was a new restaurant we wanted to try. My daughter and wife had Monday off, so I scheduled a PTO day, figuring we’d find something fun to do. Blogging would ensue.

I opted out of Saturday’s activities. Sunday, I was able to help with the party, but was wiped out at the end of the day. My daughter was also showing signs of winding down. Monday became a wind-down day for us. I sat on the couch watching TV and taking pictures of the cats with my phone.
Eddy Rests His Head on a Pillow

Luna Stands

Beso on the Stairs

Today, I’m feeling better, and went into work. Hopefully, we’ll all be better by the coming weekend. Hopefully, I’ll still make my personal blogging target, not lose too much training on the bike, and all will be well. I’m just fortunate, it doesn’t’ happen that often.


3 responses to “I Hate Being Sick

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  1. Great pics!
    I sure hope you feel better real soon. The colds almost seem to be hitting people harder lately.

  2. What amazing poses you captured!!!!

  3. I’m sorry you were sick. But those are incredibly cute/silly photos.

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