Savanna Goes Big-Time   3 comments

Savanna Jumps!There was some news on twitter today. Savanna, the baby cheetah in the Cat Ambassador Program at the Cincinnati Zoo, will be on NBC’s Today Show tomorrow morning (November 8) at 8:50 Eastern (I believe they rebroadcast at 7:50 central). You can see her and Thane Maynard.

But wait! There’s more! The zoo has been live-tweeting her journey with the hashtag #CheetahNYC. What do you learn? When you are a cheetah-princess, you travel in style. You can see her fly in a private jet. Watch her hang out in Times Square. Naturally, she gets first dibs on her bed!

I’m looking forward to it. If they put it online, I’ll be sure to share!

Posted 2012-11-07 by Mr. Guilt in animals, cats, cheetahs, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Zoo

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  2. Hooray for Savannah!!!

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