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I <OHIO> Voting…at least that’s what the sticker I got this morning said. I’m not entirely sure how “ohio” is a verb. Is the past tense “ohiod?”

One of the little things that annoys me. But, that is not important at the moment.

It is election day for 2012, where we will choose our president for the next for years, a senator for six, whether to keep a levy in place for schools, or enact a new scheme for creating districts. All of these issues are important, and takes consideration.

What it does not take is inaction. If you are in the United States, get out and vote! Even if your view is not the one that prevails, you at least cannot say you did nothing. You also earned your right to complain about the outcome.

In spite of various fears, my experience at the Columbia-Tusculum poll was fairly painless. Perhaps a dozen folks were in line before me–I was standing in a booth within about ten minutes. I contrast this with a colleague who is visiting Cincinnati today from out of state. He did early voting over the weekend, spending three hours in line. I am impressed with such dedication.

In any event, by this time tomorrow, we will know the outcome of this election. Even more importantly for those of us in a swing state: we will have no more political ads, no more calls, and no more mail! Just in time for Christmas ads and flyers!
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Posted 2012-11-06 by Mr. Guilt in Cincinnati, Interesting, Ohio

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  1. Nice sticker. I got the regular “I Made a Difference, So Can You” sticker they’ve been giving out for years.

    (I was in and out in under 15 minutes…and most of that was me trying to fill in the rectangles properly.)

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