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National Fountain Pen Day Pens–NibsNovember 2, 2012 is Interational Fountain Pen day. This is observed the first Friday in November. As followers of this blog know, I am an avid fountain pen collector and user. I like to think of all my pens as users, even if I don’t necessarily take it out of my house.

To celebrate, my “Daily Arsenal” is three founts. At the bottom of the picture to the right is a Lamy Ratio from the 1950s. In the middle is a John Holland eyedropper I estimate as being produced around 1905. The writing on the page is with this pen. Finally, at the top, is a 1994 Parker Sonnet, my first fountain pen.

Never try a fountain pen before? I encourage you to give it a try. A good way to get your feet wet is with a Pilot Varisty. This is a disposable fountain pen, and can be had for around $3. However, it writes reasonably well. Want to take it up a notch? I highly recommend the Lamy Safari (a pen profile of the Safari family is on my to-do list).


Posted 2012-11-02 by Mr. Guilt in Fountain Pens

3 responses to “International Fountain Pen Day

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  1. Why national if its international?

  2. I know what it’s like… :P Happy fountain pen day!

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