October Hodge-Podge   3 comments

Newest Web 2.0 addiction: Strava. It is having the effect of pushing myself to ride so I can have something to post. [This is Good] Anyone else using GPS devices for biking, running or the like?

October 4 was National Taco Day. To celebrate, I made Korean beef barbecue tacos with red cabbage slaw, served on a soft corn tortilla.
Korean Beef Taco

Orange Refill

The Goodyear blimp was in town for the Major League playoffs.

My own personal cuddle puddle.
My Own Personal Cuddle Puddle

Posted 2012-10-31 by Mr. Guilt in Hodge-Podge

3 responses to “October Hodge-Podge

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  1. I enjoy this miscellany! But I especially enjoy the cuddle puddle <3 <3

    • The cuddle puddle was a neat one. I had to work through a Saturday night on an issue. My wife and daughter went out in the morning, so I stretched out on the sofa and fell asleep. I woke up with Eddy and Luna.

  2. One of the goodyear blimp stations is very near me so I see it allll the time. It’s a special treat when I see a non-goodyear blimp! I intend to ride one someday, though I have no idea how to arrange it yet.

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