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Space Pen: Found!I’m pretty good about not losing pens. I felt confident enough to post about it. It makes me feel confident to carry a sixty-year old (or older) pen with me. I confess there was one spot on my otherwise good record.

The Fisher “Bullet” Space Pen is one of my favorite ball pens. It’s probably well known that the pen, developed privately for use in space, can write at any angle, regardless of gravity (or lack there-of). Even though it never went into space, I was especially fond of the Bullet model. With the cap posted, it was a full-sized pen. However, the cap, almost the same length as the barrel, would half the length of the pen when capped. It would fit easily into a pant pocket, bag, or other spot.

This compressibility, however, was perhaps the downfall of mine. A few years ago, I couldn’t find it. I was reluctant to call it “lost.” More “misplaced.” I was convinced it was somewhere in my house. I searched all over, checking the various bags I use for work several times. I looked in the saddlebag on my bike. I simply could not find it.

I gave up. Perhaps, I thought, it was out there, somewhere. There was furniture I hadn’t moved, after all. Still, I was reluctant to replace it. I somehow felt it was cheating my “can keep track of nice pens” record.

I was looking in my backpack, and noticed something shining in one of the pen slots. Sure enough, there was the original Bullet Space Pen. I swore I checked this bag over several times. Perhaps I didn’t notice it, or assumed I wouldn’t have put it in there, as it would easily get lost.

So, I haven’t lost a pen. Huzah!

Posted 2012-10-30 by Mr. Guilt in Fountain Pens

2 responses to “Found Pen

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  1. sometimes the gnomes which take stuff away like to return it to unexpected places, just to mess with us.

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