National Cat Day   4 comments

October 29, 2012 is being celebrated as National Cat Day! Naturally, I want to wish a happy one to all my felid friends!
Luna Looking Lovely

Cloudie in the Tree

Beso Can't Be Bothered

Sleepy Cougar

Eddy Relaxes

Hi Nubo!

Pretty Fishing Cat

Napping Maggie

Tiger on Ice

Sand Cat at the Ready

These are just a few! I love these guys, and the rest of the thirty-seven species of cat.


4 responses to “National Cat Day

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  1. Me, too!

  2. what’s that last one? I want it!

    • That is a sand cat, a small cat living in the Middle East. Relatively closely related to house cats (same genus, different species), they are smaller than them (they top of their weight range (3.5 to 7 pounds) is the bottom of a house cat’s).

      Bonus pic:
      Posing Sand Kitten
      This seems to be one of the most popular pictures of a sand cat on the web, and the most viewed picture on my flickr stream.

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