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Articles titled “Life Lessons from ” is something I always approach with a degree of skepticism. Ultimately, the author is simply using the character to demonstrate attributes he or she already believes in, so little new ground is gained. Quite often, the character will work against those attributes within the same work. Even so, those goals may be of interest, with the fictional character being the gimmick.

I had that in mind when I read an article titled “Management Lessons from Jack Donaghy,” the character on the TV show “30 Rock,” in the Washington Post. However, I found that the management attributes Neil Irwin, the author, chose to highlight ones I have found in some of the better leaders I’ve worked with possess, and ones I try to demonstrate myself. I’ve called out these attributes below, but the whole article is worth a read.

For all of Jack Donaghy’s nutty hijinks and pithy one-liners, there is a surprising set of lessons hiding under the surface of the show, which premiered its seventh and final season Thursday night. The simple fact is that Jack, as portrayed by Alec Baldwin, is a superb executive.

  • Have a career plan, but don’t let it stifle you.
  • Innovate whether they like it or not
  • Take mentorship seriously
  • Tolerate idiosyncracy
  • Personal touches matter
  • Learn from everyone around you

From the Washington Post

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