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My daughter got an assignment to make something with pumpkin, then write about how easy/hard the recipe was to follow, and what she thought of the outcome. After some discussion, she said she wanted to make pumpkin bread.
I looked around, and found a recipe I thought would bee good: “Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread.” truth be told, I was skeptical. I’m not a big fan of pumpkin pie (I think it’s the texture), though I committed to at least trying one piece, given the effort we put into it. I made a point to have her do the work, be it read the recipe, or measure the ingredients.

I did have to coach a bit there, and make a few decisions about how to handle a few things. For instance, the recipe assumes three pans smaller than the ones we were using. We had two, somewhat larger pans. It was on me to decide when to pull them out.
Finished Pumpkin Bread
My daughter, who had pumpkin bread earlier this month, really liked it. I enjoyed it, too.

Posted 2012-10-21 by Mr. Guilt in Family, food

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