Stranger Danger Floof   1 comment

Luna is a fairly brave cat–save for her trip to the vet, I never see anything phase her. Even then, it was somewhat understandable, and not to bad. That is, until my daughter wore a pair of “cat ears.” Then, she brought out, for the first time I can think of, her “stranger danger” floof.*

Even after she took off the headband with the ears, Luna was a bit wary of her. My daughter had to go to another room for a while, somewhat upset that Luna “didn’t like her,” until her tail depoofed. Poor girls!

Luna Relaxed

*Scroll down to read “‘What Happened’ by Caspian.”

Posted 2012-10-20 by Mr. Guilt in animals, cats, Family, felis silvestris catus, Luna

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  1. She’s a beautiful cat

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