Sometimes Being a Black Cat is Problematic   5 comments

Silly LunaThe International Society of Endangered Cats declared October to be Black Cat Month. I believe they mostly mean melanistic varieties of wild cats, though it could be argued that Luna is a melanistic tabby. I have mentioned seeing her stripes before. So far, however, black cat month has not worked out to well for her.

Before telling the stories, I should note two things. First, Luna is perfectly fine–I just saw her wander by a moment ago. Second, her dark coat and ninji-like moves means that sometimes we don’t know exactly where she is. This proves to get her into (accidental) trouble. This could be as simple as getting bumped in the middle of the night by a clumsy primate, or, in this case, getting stuck where she doesn’t want to be.

I made one last pop into our study the day before yesterday before going to work. After work, my wife let me know that when she came home from her job around four PM, she heard Luna chirping up a storm. She must have followed me in before I left for work, and my wife had no reason to go in before leaving for work. Luna was stuck in there all day–probably checking out the room, then napping. After hitting the food and water bowls and the litter box, she was no worse for wear.

She must have learned her lesson: go noisy early. That night, before going to bed, I dropped my laptop off in the study. My wife and I did our pre-bedtime rituals, and I heard chirping–Luna again followed me into the study, but made sure she got out quickly. Before work yesterday morning, the pattern repeated: she followed me into the study, but not out, but made sure she was let out before too long.

As I’ve gone in and out of the study this evening, I’ve made sure to do a tail count before settling down. Sorry, Luna!


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5 responses to “Sometimes Being a Black Cat is Problematic

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  1. Maybe the study door needs a cat-flap?

    • Unfortunately, unsupervised kitties in that room are less than ideal–stuff gets knocked from shelves, etc. We’ll occasionally leave the door open if we’re home, they are dozing on a chair or the futon, and look cute, but we’re not ready to encourage that.

      (Truthfully, it’s just certain cats. Back when we only had Maggie, we left that door open. She used to have her own chair next to my desk she would sit in (back when we had desktop computers, and hung out in that room a lot). Once, we were away for a week or so. When we got back, Maggie greeted us at the door, then ran up to the study, jumped into her chair, and started meowing. She missed hanging out with us!)

      • Awwww Maggie sounds like a total sweetie!
        You’d need a lock-one-way cat flap (most of them have that function)… that way kittehs can get OUT if they’re stuck in there unsupervised, but not get in unless somebody opens the door.
        Of course it will destroy a perfectly good door for the sake of a minor problem… and that may not be super good with the whole feng shui of the house… and stuffs… but if there was risk of any serious cat distress, a cat flap would help (assuming the kittehs understand flap use)

  2. LOL aww Luna sounds adorable. I bet her chirps are super cute. My first cat (and the love of my life lol) was a black smoke DSH. She passed away way too early (at 8.5 years old) and I miss her dearly and with all my heart. I think the only way to remedy this is to get another black kitty!! Now just to convince my husband…

    • Her chirps are super cute and purposeful. We’re pretty sure she is trying to tell us something.

      “CHIRP” she says to my wife in the morning. “Let’s go get the girl up for school.”

      “CHIRP” she says as she puts her paws on a book, showing her new Soft Paws. “Don’t you just LOVE my manicure?”

      “CHIRP” she says on the sink. “Turn the water on! I need a drink.”

      She really does have a lot to say.

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