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One of the first things I had to learn about when I took responsibility for the data centers at my job was the different sort of power connectors we use. It became even more important as we started to leverage “colocation” spaces. I grabbed a collection of these connectors that I kept at my desk, to explain the different connectors to my coworkers.


The plug is an “L6-30,” which supports 30 amps of power at 250v. It would fit into two of the three outlets. The other one is for an “L5-30,” for 30 amp circuits at 120v.

My office announced we would be moving to a “hotelling” model, and we needed to remove personal objects from our workspace. I wasn’t sure what I would do with these–taking them home didn’t make much sense. I decided to dispose of them, taking one photo before doing so.

Posted 2012-10-02 by Mr. Guilt in computers, Information Technology, work

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