September Hodge-Podge   Leave a comment

Random picture of Luna, the hacker-ninja-princess. Just ’cause.
Luna on a Chair

Bad: Running out of ink. Stupid: Not bothering to note how much ink you have before leaving the house.
Out of Ink

Not sure how this leaf bug got on the blind in my downtown, sixteenth floor office.
Leaf Bug

We were visited by deer, with one even looking into our kitchen window. My coalition spent some time trying to figure out if they could play mountain lion.
Watching for the Deer

My Best Tweet of the Month: “Dear Me in College: Don’t drink cheap beer at frat parties you crash, & base your opinion of beer on that. Hold out for good stuff. Kthxbai”

Hope Ride is awesome–they make it a big party, and almost every rest stop has a live bad. My favorite was one of the two at lunch, Blair Carman. His style is more rockabilly–not something in high rotation on my iPod, but it was fun.


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