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Snake HeadYesterday, my getting-home routine was, well, routine. I put my bike on the porch, entered the house, and took off my helmet and shoes, and sat on the floor and talked to my wife and daughter a bit. We had a repair man over, so we had some things to talk about. Such as bad things about the company that originally installed our furnace (grrrrr!).

Eddy came over and said “hi,” but I never saw the kittens wander over. Somewhat unusual, but I assumed they were dozing upstairs. We decided what we were doing for supper, and I went to bring my bike in and take it to be basement.

When I got down to the basement, Beso and Luna were there, along with a visitor: an eight-inch long snake. I don’t know snakes well, so I made a panic call to my wife–I didn’t know what I was going to be dealing with, but I wanted help. And emotional support. She was fairly certain it wasn’t poisonous. The snake wasn’t really moving, but we weren’t sure if it was dead or stunned. There were not obvious injuries, but it was still. My guess is he got into the basement, Beso and Luna came across him and they decided it was the Best Cat Toy EVER!.

We swept him into a bucket, and took him outside. I took pictures, and put up a tweet to see if someone more familiar with snakes could identify him. A reply said it was a garter snake. Outside, and feeling a bit more confident that no one in our family got hurt, we worried over him. He was actually kinda cute. He flicked out a tiny red tongue–not much thicker than dental floss–and showed he was alive. We let him be, and hoped he’d be OK. Twenty minutes later, he was gone.

Snake (Full)
Back inside, we looked over all the cats–no signs off bites (I’m a bit paranoid, and also wanted to know in case there was an issue). I’m an animal lover, and have little ill will towards snakes. However, I don’t want them in my house!


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  1. Your snake appears to have some trauma about a fourth of the way in. I don’t know much about snakes, so maybe I’m wrong in saying that. It just looks a bit off in that curvy section behind its neck. I hope that’s just in the picture.

    • I noticed that, and am hoping so, too. Or at the very list it will recovery from its injury. As I said, I don’t have ill will towards the snake (aside from not wanting to give it accommodations). However, you do take your life into your own hands when you enter a house with predators in it.

  2. The fact that it could disappear is a good thing. I have found a couple of snakes in our basement. They were really pretty milk snakes. We have a tube approximately 200 feet long that works as a gravity drain for the water around the base of the house. It drains into the back pond, so I assume the little guys came all that way up the pipe.
    They were put outside, also!

    • There is a drain in our basement, and, fact is, it’s far from hermetically sealed. My hope is that no one–snake, cat, or person–got hurt. First time in fourteen years living hear that a snake came inside.

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