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B-17, Nose-On
This weekend is Lunken Airport Days! Lunken is Cincinnati’s original airport, though it can’t support the larger jets that the new airport does. Mostly, it supports business and private aviation. It is also a mile from my house, with a five mile bike trail around it. On one part of the trail, which is on a levee, you look straight down a runway, as though you are on approach.

Lunken Airport Days brings out several aviation-related businesses to meet the community. Several planes are on display, and a few warbirds fly in. A B-25 on site. This is the type of plane used in the Doolittle Raid in the early days of World War II. This is a later model, and painted in marking suggesting service in the European theater.
B-25 Nose

The headliner was a World War II era B-17.
B-17, Up High

They were selling rides on the B-17, and announced one would be taking place at 5 PM. While I wasn’t going to do the flight, I did note the time for later photography.
B-17, from Rear

BizJet Take-OffI went back to Lunken at the appointed hour, and noted the wind, to figure out which way planes would be taking off. I walked on the trail so planes would take off over my head (the main runway, on the side opposite the levee I mentioned earlier). A few BizJets took off, which served as practice.

I waited for about an hour–I recognized this might not be an exact science. I watched some clouds roll in, and the sun shine through them.
Sun Rays

I gave up just before Six PM, and started walking back to my car. A gentleman, noting my camera and my “I ♥ Lunken” t-shirt, asked if the B-25 left. He explained he heard the crew talking about taking off soon. I noted his gear–in addition to a camera bag, there was a radio. I suspect that he spots airplanes for a hobby. I went back to my spot, and waited another twenty minutes. I heard the engines start up, and eventually saw the B-25 start to roll to the runway.
B-25 Take-Off

Just as I had hoped, it took off right over my head.
B-25 Fly-Over

Off it went! I spent a few moments watching it, then glanced at my new friend, who was further up the trail. He was heading back, which I took to suggest nothing interesting would be happening soon.
Bye-Bye, B-25


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