Eddy’s Adopt-a-Versary   4 comments

While the kittens celebrated their first year with us last month, Eddy is celebrating his eighth anniversary with us today! I’m sure I’ve posted his adoption story before, but it’s still worth summarizing. I was on a bike ride with a friend, when we came across an abandoned kitten. My friend arranged to have the kitten transported back to the start of the ride. I called my wife to see what she thought. At the time, she was seven months pregnant. While I thought that might have been a reason not to bring home a pet, my wife now says that it made her particularly susceptible to such a request: how could she leave a little baby behind?

Eddy Dreams of Yellow

Wasn’t he cute? While I occasionally refer to him as a “barn cat,” he much prefers cuddling on a down comforter, or the memory foam bath mat we got. His name was my daughter’s first word, occasionally demonstrates his skills as a predator, and he made the kittens feel welcome.
Eddy Portrait

Happy adopt-a-versary!
Pensive Eddy


Posted 2012-09-05 by Mr. Guilt in animals, cats, Eddy, Family, felis silvestris catus

4 responses to “Eddy’s Adopt-a-Versary

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  1. Happy Adoptaversery Eddy!

  2. Happy Day, Eddy! He got a great home!

  3. Yay Eddy! A handsome cat.

  4. Aww, well I wouldn’t have been able to say no to that kitten either. Happy adoptaversary!

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