Good Luck, Little Cheetah (and Baby Fennec Foxes!)   2 comments

I had taken Friday off, and took the opportunity to go to the Cincinnati Zoo with my wife. I had two purposes in mind. First, Savannah, the baby cheetah, was scheduled to leave the nursery and join the Cat Ambassador Program. We wanted to see her before she headed off to “school.”
What to Play with Next?

The folks at the nursery (and I think someone from the Cat Ambassador Program) had her out, so she could romp around and play. It was very much like watching Beso and Luna play. She would wrestle her toys.
Wrestling Savannah

Cheetah Pounce!

Lemme out!
Lemme Out!

What is it about cats and boxes?
Cats'n'Boxes #3

It appears to be universal among the felidae family.
Cats'n'Boxes #2

Cats'n'Boxes #1

She had grown quite a bit–while Beso might out-weigh her, she was bigger than a house cat in most other ways. I look forward to seeing her run. Until then, I wish her luck in her training.
Pettins for Savannah

There was something we wanted to see in the Night Hunters exhibit. Along the way, the folks at the Galápagos tortoises hands-on were calling people over. The turtles wanted some attention, but no one was walking over. How could we say no?
Top of the Rocks


We went in through the out door to see what snow leopards Renji and Nubo were up to. Apparently, doing what cats do best.
Dozing Snow Leopard

I only learned that the Cincinnati Zoo had two clouded leopards this year. I’ve only rarely seen them together, They were hard to see, but the cloudies were engaging in a bit of communal grooming.
Communal Grooming

We were very tight on time–my wife and I merely glanced at the black footed cat and sand cat, and I just peeked in to say high to the caracal. I snapped a quick shot of the fishing cat.
Watching Fishing Cat

On this occasion, we actually weren’t actually there to see cats. There was something special in the fennec fox enclosure. What’s this one looking at?
Fennec Parent

Not one…
One Fennec Fox Baby

Not two…
Two Fennec Fox Babie

But three baby fennec foxes!
Three Fennec Fox Babie

They were extremely active, running around and playing little fox games. They’ll probably be there for a while, so I’m sure I’ll get more pictures. But, for an afternoon off, it was fun just to peek in.
Fennec Fox Baby 1

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  1. You get the best pictures!

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