Fort Washington Way Groundhogs   1 comment

About a month ago, I started taking a different way out of downtown when I bike commute. It takes me down Fifth Street, past the Taft Museum, and, after passing under Fort Washington Way, merges with my usual route. A few weeks ago, I noticed something.
Groundhog Couple

The sign is what caught my eye, but, after stopping for a moment, I saw two groundhogs. One wandered up to a bin, and started eating grapes.
FWW Groundhog Site

Groundhogs by the HighwayI’ve seen them several times since. Typically it is one or two, though I have seen as many as four. When I went today with my good camera, I saw only the two. Their home is a crack under Fort Washington Way, section of Interstate that crosses downtown.
To Busy Eating to See His ShadowGroundhogs are associated with shadows. However, this one seems more interested in eating. No idea if that means winter will come sooner or later.

As the sign says, you can like them on Facebook. Again, I’m not sure who is behind all of this, but I think it is wonderful.
Like Them on Facebook


Posted 2012-09-01 by Mr. Guilt in animals, Cincinnati

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  1. This is great! I shared it on FB and “liked” their page. They’re like giant guinea pigs with tails!

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