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A picture I took of Sarah, the Cincinnati Zoo’s record breaking cheetah, was used on Wired‘s blog.

Picked out some new shoes (I went with the ones on the right).

Congratulations, Curiosity!

My car has a USB port, which allows iPods (and iPhones) to play through the stereo, and controlled through the buttons in the car. It also charges the device, which my wife’s phone needed during our trip. Looking for music, I saw this was among her playlists.
Cat Renamed this List
She explained that a cat walked on her keyboard at some point, and renamed a playlist to random characters (she suggested Eddy, but I think it sounds more like a Luna move). She has no idea what it was originally named.

One last note about the Dublin Irish Festival: they didn’t have Guiness, they had some stout that carried the Dublin Irish Festival name, but it wasn’t Guiness. How can an Irish festival not have Guiness?
Bad Stout

One more anecdote from The Wilds: we were walking by one of the staff as we got to the mid-sized carnivore center (where the cheetahs were). Her radio crackled to life, “There is a bobcat at…” They had to remove the bobcat, so it didn’t interact with the other species present. Still, it seemed pretty cool.

Cats love laundry day.
Cats in a Basket

Farewell, Neil Armstrong. A true pioneer and inspiration.
Wink at the Moon


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