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We went to the National Museum of the United States Air Force today. We saw a few old favorites. For instance, I’m physically unable to walk by a Blackbird, my second favorite vehicle made of titanium, without taking a picture of it.

I also got a decent shot of the MiG-29.

I always like “The Spook,” a logo associated with the great F-4 Phantom II.
Scud Seeking Phantom

But we were there for space artifacts. The museum has the capsule from Apollo 15, the only moon landing whose crew were members of the Air Force.
Apollo 15

They also have a space-worthy Mercury capsule (though it never flew).
Caitlin & Mercury

We got a late start today, and only had a half-hour at the museum before it closed. However, on August 22, the museum received a now-retired Crew Compartment Trainer.
Crew Compartment Trainer 2

The Crew Compartment Trainer (CCT) was used by NASA to train astronauts for missions on the Space Shuttle.
Crew Compartment Trainer 1

We actually got to see it this spring, when we went to Space Center Houston. However, we got to go much closer to it today.
Crew Compartment Trainer 3

The CCT is somewhat of a consolation prize, in lieu of an actual shuttle. While I think the allocation of the shuttles was done in an extremely inappropriately, the docents I spoke with had a good attitude about it.
Crew Compartment Trainer 4

The museum is raising funds for an expansion–a fourth hanger. This will include the presidential aircraft collection, a section dedicated to global airlift capability, and a space section. The CCT will make its home in this space section. Visitors will be able to walk up and peek inside, to get a sense of what the shuttle was like.
Fourth Hanger Model


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  1. Is this museum in Cincinnati? A couple of my kids live in Ohio and I think we need to make a trip to this museum! It looks wonderful. These types of achievements make me proud to be a human being!

    • The museum is in Dayton, about an 45-70 minutes north of Cincinnati, depending on exactly what part of town your coming from. It’s at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. While the National Air and Space Museum has more significant artifacts (the original Wright Flyer, the Apollo 11 capsule, etc.), I think the breadth of the NMUSAF is more impressive. It pretty much has at least one example anything the USAF or its predecessors flew. Not to say there aren’t historically significant craft there, in the context of the Air Force. I did an earlier post on it as well:

      Museum Web Site:

      Southwest Ohio has lots of neat things to visit–and not just the the zoo or the NMUSAF! There’s the Reds, Jungle Jims, and lots of parks to name a few.

      I forget–what part of the country are you in?

      • I am in SE Michigan. I have one child and her spouse who live in Cleveland, and one child and his spouse who live in North Canton. So a hop down to Dayton would be very doable some weekend!

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