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Today, the kittens had their first annual exam. This is really the first time they have been out of our house in about a year. I was a little worried about how they would react.

The worst case scenario would be Eddy. He hates the vet–violently. Literally violently. The doctor has to tranquilize him before a checkup. They have to put on leather-and-steel gloves that go up to their shoulders to administer the sedative. I worry that his care won’t be as good as Maggie’s, as I am very reluctant to take him to the vet.

We put Beso in a soft carrier we recently purchased, and Luna in a hard one. I was worried Beso would freak out, as he’s the more timid cat. However, halfway to the car, Luna started the most pitiful yowls you ever heard–very surprising, since she usually chats with us using very confident chirps. Beso was Mr. Chill. The only peep from him was walking from the car to the waiting room, by a busy street.

Luna’s mewing continued in the waiting room. The carriers were placed next to each other on a bench. Beso went over to the door of Luna’s carrier and calmed her down. Our named was called, and we decided to let Beso go first. He was excited to check out a new room.
Beso at the Vet

Beso weighed in at thirteen pounds–he is a big Seiberian tiger. The vet commented about how pretty he was to a technician, and how well behaved he was. He was happy to have the doctor listen to his heart, pet him, or even get his shots! Instead of hiding, he explored the room a bit too eagerly.

Luna was far from Eddy levels of discomfort–she simply slipped away and hid in the corner. She didn’t protest her checkup. The doctor commented on her soft, sleek coat and muscular frame. She took her examination and shots well. When it was time to go, we decided to have her share a carrier with Beso.
Beso & Luna in the Carrier

Luna was much clammer on the drive home, and they both seem no worse for wear. I’m very proud about how Beso took it in stride–very much in keeping with his mellow demeanor. Eddy smells the vet on them, and seems rater annoyed by that. He’s hissed at them more than once since we’ve been home. I’m sure that will clear up in a day or so.


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