Baby Cheetah and Stalking Snow Leopard   4 comments

Summer vacation was four zoos in three states. The fourth zoo (the second in Ohio) was the Cincinnati Zoo. We had been seeing pictures of Savanna, the baby cheetah, and we wanted to see her again. When we got there, she was asleep.
Dozzy Cheetah Girl

She did wake up with a yawn.
Happy Cheetah!

Savanna and the Plush Tiger

She walked about her cage, just looking cute.
Up and At 'Em



Hi Little Girl!Savanna will be joining the Cat Ambassador Program. This is the group that does, among other things, record-setting cheetah runs. A trainer from the program came by and say “hi.”

She got to walk around the nursery.
Hiding Behind a Chair
Such a cute little girl–I’m sure there will be more pictures.

I recently got a new (to me) lens for my camera, and wanted to test it out in the Night Hunters exhibit. I find the fishing cat to be one of the more challenging cats to get there.
Fishing Cat at F/2.8 (Final)

The blue light doesn’t really help.
Fishing Cat on Her Side

But I think it does a decent job at a wider range of focal lengths.
Fishing Cat Protrait

We stopped by to say “hi” to Nubo. At first, he was quite relaxed.
Nubo at Rest

Starting to StalkHowever, something caught his eye. He went into full stalk mode.

This is actually my favorite picture of this set.

One last but wiggle, he was off! What was he after?

My ibex sized daughter, who was sitting near the window. At a cheetah talk, a trainer explained that they are programmed to follow “animals” the size of typical prey, such as toddlers pacing by. It would make sense that it applies to other cats. Personally, I think he’s smart enough to know there was glass there, but he wants to keep his skills sharp.
Caitlin & Nubo

After saying “hi” to my daughter, he went to chat with Renji.
Renji & Nubo


4 responses to “Baby Cheetah and Stalking Snow Leopard

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  1. Ahh as always, I’m thrilled to see your cat pictures! That wee cheetah is SOOO cute! And the other two are super cool.

  2. Oooo…I do love the “ready to pounce” picture. The one with your daughter is hard to beat, though!
    And, I hope little Savannah does well!

  3. dang… now I really want to go to a zoo. and knowing there’s one about a mile away, while i have NO work to do, is maddening.

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