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Heading north out of Nashville, we stopped by Mammoth Cave National Park. If nothing else, it would ensure I would stop obsessively checking my SmartPhone. It is beautiful country.
Sunset Overlook View

We signed up for the “Historic Tour,” which took us down the original entrance.
Historic Entrance

Cave Wall

We entered the Rotunda, where our guide started talking about the history of the cave.
Rotundra and Our Guide

There was some equipment was left behind. The cave was a saltpeter mine around the time of the War of 1812. It was extracted as a liquid and processed.
Saltpeter Extraction

Trees from the area were actually used as pipes.
Wood Pipes

We walked to the chamber where the Giant’s Coffin was located.
Giant's Coffin

The guide turned off the lights and told about one of the original guides. He used a replica of a whale oil lamp which was used then (with lard standing in for whale oil).
Stories by Lantern Light

Cave Wall 2

We passed over the small pit–merely fourty-two feet deep.
The Small Pit

Shadow Portrait

One chamber had a great deal of smoke writing, dating back to before the Civil War.
Smoke Writing on the Ceiling

Cave Wall 3The large pit was described as “bottomless”–105 feet.


AFter climbing a fire tower, we were back in the Rotunda.
Rotundra 2

All told, we were three hundred feet deep, and walked two miles.
Rotundra Ceiling

Ascent from the Cave


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