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Part of our summer vacation took us to Nashville, to see the Nashville Zoo, and a special animal. Of course, we looked at all that they had. They had an ostrich, which did two things I’d never seen one do before. First, it kneeled.
Kneeling Osterich

While kneeling, it made a very interesting vocalization–I didn’t get video, but you can see how its throat expands.
Osterich, About to Vocalize

The ostrich was hanging out with zebras, as you can see. All at once, the zebras made a move to the center of the exhibit…no idea why.
Zebra Meeting

The alligators were relatively small.
Floating 'Gators

One had a friend on his back…kind near his hind legs. Can you see it?
Lazy Gator

How about now?
Butterfly on the Gator

The meerkats were working out some issues, apparently.
Aggressive Behavior May Be Observed

The snowy owl was demonstrating why his species is an internet meme.
Chattin' Owl

An albino mom and not-so-albino dad produced two different baby wallabies.
Normal and Albino Wallabes
I don’t think those are both babies, but you get the idea.

Here’s a mouthful of a species: short-tailed leaf nose bat. I’m rather fond of bats, though I know many who are a bit creeped out by them.
Short-tailed Leaf Nose Bat

The golden frog is the national symbol of Panama.
Golden Frog

One challenge I had in the reptile house is that I misplaced my zoo notebook. Usually, as I go through, I write down what I’m taking pictures of (if I’m not sure myself). I accidentally left it in Cincinnati. I assumed I could get it from the zoo’s web site. This proved to be incorrect. I did like this little guy.
clingy Lizard

He could cling to glass.
Clinging to the Glass

Extreme close-up! Check out under his feet.
Close-Up of Clinging to Glass

I’m pretty sure this poison dart frog is thinking, “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”
He's Right Behind Me, Isn't He?

They seemed to have both Masai and Rothschild giraffes, including a six-week-old baby.
Baby & Big Giraffe

Baby Giraffe

Baby Giraffe Crouching Down

Amazing how the baby is at once tall (compared to me) and small (compared to adults of his species). On the right is an older juvenile, who is two years old.
Three Giraffes

Pretty animals!
Big Giraffe

Were there cats? Of course there were! How about a bengal tiger, dozing on a hot summer day?
Peeking Bengal Tiger

The Eurasian lynxes were having a staring contest.

Until one just gave up.
Sleepy Lynx

Their oldest cat was a cougar, who was in her late teens.
Nashville Cougar

There was one last kind of cat there, who I took literally hundreds of pictures of. This is the “special animal” I mentioned earlier. They will be a subject a separate post, but here’s a peek…

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  1. I enjoyed all the pics! There has to be a yoga pose called The Ostrich!
    Eurasian lynx are beautiful.
    And love the clouded leopard pic!

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