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This week marks one year since Beso and Luna came to live with us. We can’t imagine life without them.
Beso & Luna in the Window
Luna is a confident little girl, always in the middle of things. My wife reads a story to our daughter every night. Luna has taken to sitting with them. As I was preparing the pictures for this post, my wife came down. When they finished story time, she told my daughter to go to bed. Luna put a paw on the book, and rolled onto her back and onto my daughter’s lap. She wasn’t finished with storytime.

Beso, though still a bit of a scaredy-cat, is becoming more confident. He has claimed my daughter’s chair in the study as his. A mellow guy, he loves to doze on his back in the hall under a skylight.

We all have enjoyed having them as part of the family. I think Eddy has especially been glad to have some friends to romp around with.
Three Kitties in a Window

Hey…where’d everyone go?
Where'd Everyone Go?


3 responses to “Adopt-a-Versary

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  1. They certainly are a happy and fun group. I love how each has their own personality. Nice pics!

  2. Aww happy adopt-a-versary kitties!! I always love your kitty pics!

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