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I mentioned that the Wilds were created by land previously used for strip mining coal. Much of the mining was done with Big Muskie, the largest drag-line mining machine ever build. After it completed it’s work in 1991, it was disassembled and sold for scrap. However, it was determined that doing so to the main bucket was not cost effective. It’s now the centerpiece of the Miner’s Memorial Park, near The Wilds.
Big Muskie's Bucket

No part of this is small. Banging on it’s wall, it sounds solid–no “ringing” to it. Here is my seven-year-old, four-foot-tall daughter in the back.
Caitlin in Big Muskie's Bucket

The chains that connected it to the machinery are still, to some extent, there.
Big Muskie's Chain

Again–no part of this is small. Here’s my daughter again, next to a chain.
Caits Next to the Chain

Its scale is absolutely amazing. This is about seven or so miles from the Wilds, which itself could be described as “the middle of nowhere.” I’m not sure I’d have made the trip had we not been right there, but it was certainly interesting to see. Coal is the largest generator of power in the United States today. Between the machines used to extract it, and the land left behind, this trip was a bit of an education into that process.


Posted 2012-08-06 by Mr. Guilt in Ohio, Summer Vacation 2012

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  1. WOW!! That is EPIC. I love that you have your daughter in there for scale hehe. I always knew things for mining were extremely large but that is beyond what I imagined. Great pictures!

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