Quotes from my Journal, Part Two   1 comment

Webbie TopBack in November, I made a post of quotes that had been accumulating in my journal. I was about two-thirds of the way through at the time. This week, I wrote in the last page. So, I thought I would post what was collected since then. Surprisingly, many of them are from people I know. On the other hand, there were fewer–not surprising, given the shorter window (two years versus eight months).

1/5/2012: “Sometimes you just have to ignore the parts that don’t make sense.”—My Wife

1/23/2012: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”—Carl Sagan

2/1/2012:I suspect Louisiana is a popular backdrop for US reality shows because it is as close to a foreign country as many reality-show viewers will ever get. Funny accents! Strange and spicy food! Accordions!“—BitterOldPunk, MetaFilter

3/2/2012: “If our future is going to be touch screen invasion then I will have to start investing in hand sanitizer.”—Coworker

3/9/2012: “I know what it’s like to feel unequal to the task required of you…to feel incapable. I’ll never be the man I was, but I’ve come to embrace those parts of my mind that are…peculiar and broken. I understand now that’s what makes my mind special.”—Walter, Fringe, “The Last Same Weiss

4/12/2012: “Actions express priorities.”—Ghandi

5/23/2012: “‘Personal Brand.” The art of faking a persona so inoffensive that the most boring person you can imagine never realizes why he dislikes you.”—Merlin Mann

5/25/2012: “Specificity is the soul of all good communication.”—The Middleman



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