Practice Practice Practice!   4 comments

We have a vacation coming up, which, of course, means zoos. A bit of cat photography practice is in order, for all the various poses a felid might strike. As I noted before, given the similar shape and proportions, my coalition is good for trying things out. For instance, how about if, say, a cheetah were taking a bath. Beso has me covered.

Once or twice, I’ve caught a snow leopard yawning. Luna, how might that look?
Yawning Luna

A clouded leopard might just sit and relax.
Well Lit Luna

Or a tiger may watch suspiciously behind him.
Beso Observes Behind Him

Thanks for the help, kittens!


4 responses to “Practice Practice Practice!

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  1. Kitty pics!! Love them. I especially love Luna..I have a soft spot for black cats :)

    • Thanks!

      Luna seems to win over everyone she comes into contact with. Even my mother–who isn’t really a cat person–asks about her from time to time.

  2. Excellent pics! Good practice for the wild cats!

  3. Great photos! I especially love Luna’s yawn.

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