Rhinopoluza and a Snow Leopard   1 comment

I went to the Cincinnati Zoo this afternoon to see Renji and Nubo. There was only one snow leopard in the enclosure. At first, I thought it was Nubo, but later learned it was Olga, the snow leopard who’s been at the Cincinnati Zoo for a while. She was taking a nap.
Sleepy Snow Leopard

I decided to walk around a bit, and come back to see if she would be awake later.. The Cincinnati Zoo has three of the five species of rhinoceros. They were all beating the heat in a different way. The Sumatran rhino was having a mud bath.
Sumantran Rhino

Meanwhile, the Indian rhino was having a dip in the pool.
Indian Rhino

Finally, the black rhino was in some half-shaded area…I’m not quite sure what he was doing (there were shadier spots in his enclosure).
Black Rhino

Back at Cat Canyon, Olga was up.

She seems happier in the new space, strutting around.
Strutting in the Gras

Snow leopards have large paws, in order to help them move on the snowy, rocky terrain that comprises their native range.
Big Paw!

She was quite interested in her fans.
Pretty Olga

I really think the new enclosure is a great place for both all three of our snow leopards.
Relaxing Olga

I popped into Night Hunters, if only to enjoy the air conditioning for a moment. The aardwolves where hiding.
Cuddling Aardwolves

Otherwise, it was business as usual, with the clouded leopard napping…

…the black-footed cap ignoring…
Back of a Black Footed Cat

And “Miss Lop-Ears” the caracal looking gorgeous!
Miss Lop Ears


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  1. These are great photos!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    The snow leopard takes my breath away. Oh….all of the animals do. They are so magnificent!

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