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I was hoping my next blog post would be about a cool evening seeing snow leopards at the Cincinnati Zoo on member’s night. Anyone who follows me on twitter knows I was being downright obnoxious about that. My daughter got me a t-shirt from the Snow Leopard Trust, and I made a point of having it clean for the event. I was going to be in full cat geek mode.

I even had crazy notions of waking up at 6 AM the following morning to get a bike ride in before the heat of the day took hold.

Instead, it turned into the worst day of the summer so far.

We’ve been having a problem at work. I can’t go into all the details, but it it’s been going on for a while. At this point, the problem has been going on for a long time, and needed to be resolved. Unfortunately, we made a few missteps. As of this writing, it’s still going on. This sucked up most of my day. However, we got them to a point where I would be minimally involved in the evening, mostly sending e-mail. I told the vendor to do some testing. All through the afternoon, I tried to get status. I got status: it failed. The status came at 5:10 PM.

We had a call, and determined what needed to be done. I was still at the office. You know you are having a bad Friday when you see the cleaning crew. In the middle of the call, the fire alarm went off. I unmuted, and said “Guys I have to evacuate–I’ll let you know when I can get back.” I started walking to the fire stairs, and passed a very casual looking cleaning crew. Someone from the building maintenance staff let me know this was a periodic test of the fire alarm system. I went back to my desk. Finally, at about 7:45, they released me.

I exchanged pictures of my office view with my key contact at my vendor in the DC area.
Office Window 6/29/2012

During all of this, a storm came through. At around five, when the call started, it was 106°. This set off a big storm–I heard reports of 80 mph straight-line winds. Within an hour, it was down to 72°. This had the effect of knocking power out at my house (and for many in the Cincinnati area). My wife suggested I grab something to eat downtown before coming home, which I did. She picked me up, and we returned to our dark, hot house.

I dozed off on the couch about 9:30, then awoke to the sound of my phone an hour later. There was another problem with the issue we were dealing with. We went through several iterations of vendor calls and attempts, until isolating the problem at 1 AM. At 2 AM, the power returned–it’s amazing just how many things in our house beep! My wife and I got the air conditioning running, checked on our daughter, then went to bed.

So, I missed member’s night, but we’re making plans to go real soon (perhaps even today!). I realize this is a bit of a first world problem–I have a house that has air conditioning, the power was restored relatively swiftly (we went without once for several days), and a good (if occasionally demanding) job. While I may be angry and upset going through a situation, afterwards, I try to take a deep breath and count my blessings. I know they are many.

Earlier in this week, Pandora shuffled “As” by Stevie Wonder. He made some great music! I’m playing it as a “feel better” anthem. The video below lacks the cool second half that is on Songs in the Key of Life, but it’s still pretty cool. “Turn your words into truth/and then that truth into love.”

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  1. i hope the snow leopards are ok. sorry you had a rotten day.

  2. Definitely NOT a good day. However, it sounds as if the universe was telling you that this was not the day to go to the zoo! :)
    Hopefully you will see the snow leopards soon!
    I’m glad everyone was safe from the storm.

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