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Practicing for Snow Leopards   1 comment

Tomorrow as I write this is member’s night at the Cincinnati Zoo. This means we finally get to see Cat Canyon, which will be the new home of Renji, the snow leopard cub we saw at the Chatanooga Zoo. Of course, she’s a little bigger now. We are planning on going, in spite of the anticipated heat.

I wanted to be sharp for photographing her, so I pulled out my camera for a practice session. If they ever profiled me on The Setup, I’d probably list Eddy, Luna, and Beso among “What hardware do you use?” They are very useful models for taking pictures of the wilder members of their family–they have roughly the same shape and proportions, so light plays more-or-less the same way.

Peeking Out the Door

However, they were all dozing. Can’t say I blame them. Eddy was snoozing in the door to the bathroom. He looked at me with some intense eyes.
Sideways Eddy

Luna watched me roll on the floor trying to get a good picture.
Luna Over the Shoulder

Though I eventually bored her.
Yawning Luna

Her yawn was contagious.
Yawning Beso

He settled in for a nap on the cool tile.
Catnap on a Cool Floor

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