New Roof (and Peppers)   5 comments

This week, we got a new roof for our house. Looks pretty good, (though basically the same as the old one).
House with New Rough

Meanwhile, the peppers my wife and daughter are growing nicely.
Pepper 1

Posted 2012-06-09 by Mr. Guilt in house

5 responses to “New Roof (and Peppers)

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  1. I love the color of your house!
    We need a new roof, but it’s going to have to wait a few years.
    Hooray for producing peppers already! My garden plants are much smaller.

    • Thanks–we repainted it about eight years ago. It used to be a much lighter blue. Our painter, in addition to being an awesome guy and cat lover* (but I repeat myself), had the color sense to point us to a good color.

      Our pepper plants aren’t anywhere near ready to pick. Nice to see they are coming in.

      *Our painter was actually working next door and dropped something into our back yard. Luna was at the open back door, and started chirping at him. He walked over, and asked to meet her (he knows Eddy really well, but hasn’t met Beso and Luna yet). She made a new friend.

      • What a gregarious cat Luna is! Even meeting and greeting someone working on the house next door!

      • Eddy is all that and more. The mailbox is right next to a window. It seems that for about a year or so, the mailman would say “hi’ to Eddy. The cat eventually learned when to expect the mail, so it was a regular thing for them. One day, my wife was home, and stepped on to the porch with Eddy to get the mail–the mailman was excited to meet his friend (we didn’t know this was going on prior to that day).

  2. That’s so funny! Two of my cats, Gree and Eli, would be friendly like that. The other four were rescues, so they are timid around strangers.

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