Miss Caracal and Galápagos Tortoises   2 comments

Last week, we made a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo, to see the tail end of Zoo Babies. We also wanted to check out their new Galápagos Tortoise exhibit.
Galápagos Tortoise 1
Their life span is in excess of a hundred years, with one individual reaching 170. These tortoises were only four years old, so they were actually relatively small.
Galápagos tortoise (In the Water)
They have a statue to demonstrate just how big they will get.
Tortise Statue

Another relative youngster was Tallahassee, a two-year-old alligator. When we left, we said “see you later, alligator.” Tallahassee’s keeper laughed politely.
Tallahassee the Alligator

Flamingos were out in force.
Reflecting Flamingos

Kimba the giraffe looks, well, bored.
Bored Kimba

While Tessa tries to get a cracker.
Tessa's Tongue

The otters were playful.
Otter 1
Though neither really looked like Benedict Cumberbatch.
Otter 2

Many animals, such as this black rhino, dozed.
Black Rhino

As did the clouded leopard (taken just for @ColeImperi):
Dozing Clouded Leopard

The lions were more lounging.
Bored Lion

Which the ocelot thought was a good idea.
Sleepy Ocelot

Whenever I get a chance, I like to take a picture of the bottom of the sand cat’s foot, to see the fur on the bottom. This helps them walk across the hot desert.
Sand Cat Toes
Pretty cat!
Standing Sand Cat

The pallas cat was as camouflaged as ever.
Pallas Cat on the Rocks

Joseph and Tecumseh were keeping an eye on the yard.
Glaring Cougar
Such big paws!
Curious Cougar

Every trip, one cat seems to capture my attention in particular. Miss Caracal was the cat of the day. And, for good reason. Like servals, they are able to jump up and catch birds out of the air. However, they have a more muscular build and shorter tail. We think she was looking at a bobcat across the hall.
Sitting Caracal
The tufts on the tips of their ears are long, and usually stand straight up. Via ISEC, I heard from a former keeper of this animal. Apparently hers have dropped since she was a kitten. Just a fashion statement, I suppose.

We always like catching cat tongues.
Caracal Slurp

Miss Caracal was very active that day, bouncing all over her enclosure. I really enjoyed watching her.
Caracal Jump!

2 responses to “Miss Caracal and Galápagos Tortoises

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  1. Love the photos!
    Those torti (tortoises…snort) can get HUGE!

    I love how the Pallas cat is sinking into the background.

    I love all the cats!

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