April Hodge-Podge   Leave a comment

I had a lot of fun with the Spring Break Hodge-Podge. I also suspect that some of the things I throw out in various social networks may get lost, even if they don’t quite become a full-on blog post. I decide to try to make hodge-podges of this sort of thing a monthly feature.

I learned composting coffee grounds is a good idea

Waiting for a meeting to start, I took this picture of the Roebling Suspension Bridge and The Banks.
View from Conference Room

I encountered Hello Kitty duck tape. Fixes everything and undeniably cute.
Hello Kitty Duck Tape

I saw a video from Big Cat Rescue about giving their cats pizza boxes for enrichment. For my coalition, a bag from to-go food works just as well.
Luna in the Bag

I got a new Hawaiian shirt. This might qualify as a space suit. In any case, it matches my Hula Tornado.
Hawaiian Shirt

Hollywood is out of ideas.

Luna claimed my Mexican blanket.
Luna Claims My Blanket

Posted 2012-04-30 by Mr. Guilt in Hodge-Podge

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