Dreary Day Playing with the Camera   Leave a comment

I try to pull out my camera about once a week and take photos. Mostly it’s to practice and experiment. It helps me learn what different settings do and how to access them, as well as try different ways of composing pictures. It’s advice I’ve learned from numerous photography blogs and podcasts. I often have some rational for doing so. Today, it was more doing it strictly for the sake of practice.

My cats were willing–to an extent–to help me.
The Boys Hanging Out

Eddy and Beso are still very close. They seem to frequently hang out together, sleeping, wrestling, grooming, or simply saying “hi.”
Eddy Headbuts Beso

Luna has a different (though fun) way to look at the world.
Dangling Luna

I really liked how I caught Beso’s reflection in this shot.
Reflective Beso


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