Bah De Ah, Never Was a Cloudy Day   2 comments

I’m a child of the Eighties. Duran Duran and Madonna are my music, or at least the start of what might mark that.

Yet, somehow, starting last Fall, I got on a big disco kick. Turns out, I’m a fan of Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Comment from one of the versions of this song I looked at: “That’s 2:20 of pure happiness.” You know what: it is.


Posted 2012-04-26 by Mr. Guilt in Music

2 responses to “Bah De Ah, Never Was a Cloudy Day

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  1. I watched a movie called The Last Days of Disco a couple weeks ago and was surprised at how much I enjoyed the soundtrack. I’ve been thinking about tracking it down and adding it to my music collection.

    • I’m beginning to think that music is somewhat underrated. I think I stumbled across an Earth Wind and Fire video one night. This lead to purchasing a few songs on iTunes, which lead to the creation of a Pandora channel, which lead to more purchases at iTunes…

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