Kittens’ First Birthday   1 comment

April 15 marked the kittens’ first birthday. We decided to mark this by giving all three cats a special treat: gooshy food! Eddy knew exactly what to do.
Eddy Eats the Gooshy Food
Beso and Luna sniffed it tentatively, then snubbed it.
Snubbing the Gooshy
My wife had the idea to give them what they really want: Rice Krispies.
I Can Haz Cereal?
Yes, my cats are weird.
Luna Gets Rice Krispies

Beso's Cereal
Beso has grown to be one of the largest cats I’ve ever seen. Yes, he is a bit…”fluffy.” But even if I look at this overall build, he’s getting big.
Handsome Beso
He’s still pretty laid back, and sometimes a bit of a scaredy cat.
Beso at One Year
Luna is “low-side-of-average.” She maintains her Hacker Ninja Princess ways. She’s spent the last several weeks trying to figure out how to get up to the skylights to survey her domain. So far, we’ve resisted the temptation to get some furniture for her to sit upon to look out it.
Luna at One Year
Overall, however, the kittens cats had a good birthday, with lots of treats, pettins’ and naps.
Birthday Nap


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  1. happy 1st birthday, Luna & Beso! *catnip purrs* Beso is quite an armful! Yay for rice crispy kitty treats.

    I suspect Sprocket was born at the end of April or early May. Do you think Beso is full-grown or does he still have some growing to do?

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