Spring Break Hodge-Podge   2 comments

There were many little adventures on our Spring Break. I can’t quite make them a full blog post on their own. So, I put together this post of them.

The rail on my mom’s deck.

In Lake Charles, I had to stop at Pronia’s for a muffaletta. It’s one of the things you really can’t get in Cincinnati.

The day before we arrived, my sister got a puppy. They hadn’t completely settled on a name, but were closing in on Jagger. I told my nephew that Jäger is “hunter” in German, to help it along. Perhaps when he’s a bit older, he can have a play date with Eddy, Beso, and Luna.
Jagger the Puppy

We arrived in San Antonio after six hours driving from Lake Charles, tired and hungry. Fortunately, Mi Tierra is open twenty-four hours. It also has Christmas decorations up year-round.
Mi Tierra

There were several sites in San Antonio with Works Progress Administration plaques. This program existed during the Great Depression, to help combat high unemployment. This ensured millions of Americans had jobs, a roof, and food.
Works Progress Administration Plaque

Ray’s Drive-Inn, where I had got my best meal on the trip–puffy tacos! It was after we left the zoo. We drove in, and picked up a sack for my wife and me. After two seconds of her entering the car, the aroma hit my nose, and began the experience of these wonderful tacos. I couldn’t wait to eat them.

Buc-ee’s, a huge gas station, boasting fourty-nine toilets and a dozen different kinds of jerky. It was proof that things are bigger in Texas.

A photo of me, taken by my daughter, taking a picture of her.
Charles Taking Pictures

On vacation, we tend to spend all day walking around to see things. It does take its toll.

My daughter and I got Mexican blankets as souvenirs. I got mine the first night we were in San Antonio, which my daughter immediately put to use. She decided she needed her own on the day we departed. Mine is green and purple; hers, red.
Mexican Blankets

When we got back, Beso wanted to make sure he wasn’t left out of the next trip.
Beso Wants to Come

We had a great spring break!
Pulling the Bag


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  1. I luuuurve mexican blankets. I currently have 3 and want more… but not enough to cross the border to get them. The last ones that I bought were $2 each, and remain some of the best blankies that I own.

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