San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium: Cats (Part 3)   10 comments

As I noted I’m splitting our trip to the San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium into three parts. The first part was look at most animals, and the second part was dedicated to their amazing collection of birds. This final post is my favorite: cats!

They only had five small cats. The clouded leopard and ocelot were unfortunately not out while we were there. However, the fishing cat looked right at us.
Fishing Cat Observing Me
You know this is a favorite of mine.

They have three black-footed cats: mom, dad, and daughter. Mom and daughter were out, though hiding. This was the best shot I was able to get of mom.
Mama BFC

Their cheetah coalition was having some fun in the sun.
Cheetah Snuggles
I know I’ve seen Beso and Eddy play like this.
Cheetah Belly!

Invitation to Play

The lion was trying to beat the heat.
Hot Lion

The jaguar was having a lazy day.
Dozing Jaguar
But did pop up for a few pictures.
Pondering Jaguar
I love the pensive look it had.
Pensive Jaguar

By far, our favorite cat at the San Antonio Zoo was the Sumatran tiger, who I think was female.
Sumantran Tiger Tongue
She was very active while we were there.
Running Tiger
She rolled around and let us see her striped belly.
Tiger Belly!
Such a pretty cat!
Happy Tiger!
As enrichment, her keepers gave her a phone book.
Letting Her Paws Do the Walking
Which she tore apart.
Tiger Enrichment
Seriously, in the age of SmartPhones, who needs the yellow pages?
Who Uses Phone Books When You Have a SmartPhone?

This is the third of three parts of the San Antonio Zoo posts. The first part is general, speaking to animals other than cats. The second part dealt with their bird collection.


10 responses to “San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium: Cats (Part 3)

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  3. oh wonderful. Looks like that fishing cat is an old Tom. Love the tiger photos too. THanks for my kitty fix!

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

  4. So what do you know about Rusty Spotted cats? are there any in the USA? I found traces of them in Frankfort, Germany and in a conservatory in India…

  5. oh, interesting. Wonder how you can find out where they are. I guess there used to be one (some?) at the Cincinnati Zoo.

    • Not aware of any at Cincinnati Zoo, but it may predate my moving up here (1995). I’m going to suggest to ISEC a “where to see small cats” page/table.

      • Good idea. after some investigating I found a Stud Book for rusty spotted cats from 2010 and it appears there are at least a dozen of them in England, a handful in France and a bunch in Germany too. We do not appear to have any in the USA.

  6. She is indeed a female going through menopause… The grass is all new this year!!! Which is great considering it was all cement like the lion & she just looked so unhappy!!! I live here in SA so we go there often to say the least and ask questions when the staff is out (which they are out a good amount of the time which is nice). Glad you liked our zoo!!! I don’t know if you have been to the Henry Doorly Zoo in NE but it is a MUST SEE!!! Second all time fav zoo!!
    1. San Diego – Pandas & Gorillas are amazing
    2. Henry Doorly Zoo, NE – Atrium has gibbons running around that get EXTREMELY close to you!!
    3. St. Louis, MO – FREE zoo enough said… well they also have the BEST penguin exhibit I have EVER seen!!!
    I hear Houston’s zoo is amazing but we are military & haven’t been here long enough to check that one out yet.
    LOVED your pics btw!!!

    • Definitely have to check out the Henry Doorly Zoo.

      I dig the San Diego Zoo, and add to it the Wild Animal Park, and you have an incredible weekend.

      You ought to check out Cincinnati. We have the largest small cat collection I’ve seen (fishing cats, ocelots, etc.). The cat ambassador program lets you watch cheetahs run (including the world’s fastest cheetah, Sarah) and fishing cats dive. This summer, we’re getting a pair of snow leopards.

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