San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium: Birds (Part 2)   5 comments

Continuing our trip to the San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium, this post is dedicated to their collections of birds. They have one of the largest collections of birds–certainly the largest I have ever seen.

They have several species of flamingos.


The scarlet ibis were hanging out in the tree.
Scarlet Ibis

In contrast, this is the sacred ibis.
Sacred Ibis, Hanging Around

A line of pelicans swam by.

The painted stork:
Painted Stork


Like many zoos, there was a cage of lorikeets that you could feed.
Colorful Lorikeets
…or simply amuse a seven-year-old.
Giggling Caits

I loved the colorful Mandarin duck.
Mandarin Duck

The bald eagle seemed amused by all the attention he was getting.
Confused Bald Eagle

These are green aracari.
Green Aracari

No idea who Lady Ross is, but this is her Turaco.
Lady Ross's Turaco

The green jungle fowl was very colorful.
Green Jungle Fowl

The kookaburra was rather quiet on the day we were there.

Unlike this fellow (who may not have been a zoo bird).
Loud Bird!

The racket-tailed roller had my favorite coloring, however.
Racket-Tailed Roller

The whooping crane was the star of their “Cranes of the World” section.
Whooping Crane

It was hard to know what was a zoo bird and what wasn’t. Several of these birds were building nests.
Local Crane

For bird lovers, the San Antonio Zoo is probably the best to visit.

This is the second of three parts of the San Antonio Zoo posts. The first part is general, speaking to animals other than cats. Part three will speak to the cat collection.


5 responses to “San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium: Birds (Part 2)

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  3. You missed an ENTIRE indoor area with birds that are endangered… Plus the bird from “UP” is in there!!!

  4. Im honestly not surprised you guys got tired, since our zoo is 365 acres. I love the photos of all the animals, but quite disappoint as every time I go (been going there for 16 years) they’re never really active XD

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