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We spent today exploring the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. Of course, we also visited the Alamo.
The Alamo
There is a legend that, after all the fighting ended, a cat popped out, and was killed by a Mexican soldier, who said it was a Texas cat. This cat is the last Texan who died at the Alamo.
There were many pretty mosaics.
Caitlin on the Mosaic Tile

Civic Center Mosaic

And ducks…
Sleepy Ducks

Including this baby duck, who couldn’t make it out of a pond.
Civic Center Mosaic
Mom and other siblings were far away.
Rest of the Ducks
We tried for the better part of a half-hour to figure out how to help him, and informed some of the staff of the area of the situation. They did make some effort. I know in nature hard choices are made: the survival of eight, when nothing can be done for the ninth, may be more important. Still, I like to think that a reunion ultimately occurred.
We had fun exploring the Riverwalk.
Looking Down the Riverwalk
And we remembered the a la mode!
Remembering the A La Mode!


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