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I’ve had a string of good luck with online drawings the last few weeks. You may remember the Rhodia journal from a few weeks ago. This extended into a streak.

On Monday afternoons, Cooking with Caitlin hosts the Foodies Night In Chat. It is on twitter, and definitely worth checking out. During their beef topic, they were giving away cookbooks in conjunction with the Kansas Beef Council. I was one of the lucky winners of a copy of The Healthy Beef Cookbook. They threw in a flexible cutting board, which my wife is a fan of.
FNI Prize

For Saint Patrick’s Day, Retro 1951 was giving away a Tornado in the Croco finish. You may recall I’m a fan of this pen.
Retro 1951 Croco Tornado
The feaux-alligator crocodile finish is great for a cajun boy, and, in the brief time I’ve played with it, works well as a grip.

If that wasn’t awesome enough (and it was pretty darn awesome), they included a t-shirt and a button! I dig having pen schwag, so it was a very fun surprise.
Retro 1951 Prizes

I do want to thank Foodies Night in and Retro 1951 for the prizes, holding the contests in the first place, and, in general, making the Internet that much more fun of a place to be.

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