New Soft Paws for Kittens   4 comments

We are opposed to declawing. We’re also not wild about things getting clawed up. Soft Paws, vinyl caps that cover claws, are our compromise. Beso and Luna’s first set, after graduating from kitten-sized, were some we had in stock for Eddy. We just ordered sets just for them.

Beso got blue, to offset his orange fur. This makes my favorite team’s colors (or at least what they were when I started following them).
Beso's Blue Claws
He’s getting so very big! And handsome!
Beso at the Stairs

For Luna, with her gorgeous black fur, we thought silver glitter would look quite nice.
Sparkly Claws
Luna has mastered the art of making as much mischief as a little black cat can, then rolling over and being as cuddly and adorable as possible. This ensures that she is swiftly forgiven.
Luna Watches her Brother


Posted 2012-03-20 by Mr. Guilt in Beso, cats, Family, felis silvestris catus, Luna

4 responses to “New Soft Paws for Kittens

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  1. Awww, you chose the purrfect colors for each of them! Chun would like some glittery blue soft paws but unfortunately his first family had him declawed. :(

    It’s amazing how much cute kitties can get away with, isn’t it? ;)

  2. those are cute, but can you keep them on ?
    I just trim everyone’s claws about every 3 weeks, whether they like it or not.

    • They say “4-6 weeks.” I’ve seen them last that long, but there’s a catch. Cats shed their claws, with new ones replacing them (“sharpening” is a cat trying to pull off the old claw; not like it’s rubbing it against a grindstone). So, if the claw was going to go in two weeks, I’ll find the soft paw (with the old claw still glued inside) somewhere on the floor. That also excludes any excessive behavior (the kittens are still getting used to them, so groom them a bit more; if I put Eddy in the carrier, the claws at the door and they pop off).

      Overall, we’re generally pleased with them.

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