Cincinnati Saint Patrick’s Day Parade   1 comment

The Cincinnati Saint Patrick’s Day Parade was today. My wife and daughter were in it with my wife’s dance group.
CRD Rolling
Isn’t she cute?
Caitlin on the Float
While there were a lot of Irish groups in the parade, I’m usually intrigued by the non-Irish groups. The Delorean Club is always there. Of course, Deloreans were made in Ireland, so I guess they aren’t really non-Irish.
Deloreans at the Ready
One was trying to be a cut-rate TARDIS.
Rosie Red was in the parade.
Rosie Red
As was this jumping marching band.
Band Jump
But really, why march when you can pedal?
Group Pedalling


Posted 2012-03-18 by Mr. Guilt in Cincinnati, Family

One response to “Cincinnati Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

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  1. cool photos! It was a beautiful day for a parade. ANd I love your daughter’s otter t-shirt. Cute!

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