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Cat BloggerIf you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know I have a slight fondness for cats of all sorts. I’m particularly interested in small cat species, such as fishing cats, clouded leopards, caracals and sand cats. Small cats are simply not as well known as their larger cousins (tigers, lions, jaguars, and leopards), which makes conservation efforts that much more difficult–you can’t save what you don’t know about. It’s a pity, because you can see a lot of very interesting adaptations among the small cats.

I also follow the blogs of other people working to save wild cats through raising awareness. As a result of the relationships I’ve developed, I’ve been asked to contribute to two blogs.

I’ve been contributing regularly to the blog of the International Society for Endangered Cats (ISEC). I started in September, and post most Friday mornings. Many of the posts incorporate things I post here as well, such as about fishing kittens or pallas cats, but I have posted some unique content, such as my reaction to the tragic lose of some privately held big cats in Zanesville, Ohio. It’s been quite interesting–some of the comments on my posts have included professional wild cat researchers admiring some of my photographs. That is rather exciting. If you are interested in small cats, I do recommend following their blog.

Cat in Water is a documentary being produced about fishing cats, my second favorite feline species. Two journalists went to Thailand to meet fishing cat researchers, as well as set up their own photo trap. They asked me to contribute a post about fishing cats, and why they need to be saved. On Wednesday (March 7), they published it. They gave it the title “A True Friend of the Fishing Cat,” which is incredibly flattering. It is definitely a project worth checking out, and I cannot wait until the film is complete.

My degree is in Political Science; my profession, Information Technology. Given that I really hold amateur status in conservation, I am tremendously honored to be asked to contribute to wild cat advocacy in this fashion. I wanted to share this in part because I am proud of this contribution, as well as to further draw attention to these magnificent creatures.


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  1. what can I say? Bravo! keep up the good work! I have your back!!

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