Rhodia Unlimited Notebook Winner!   2 comments

Rhodia Unlimited NotebookOn Valentine’s Day, the Rhodia Drive blog had a contest to win a Rhodia Unlimited notebook. Turns out, I was one of the lucky winners! Quite exciting!

I received my notebook today. It is 9x14cm (3.5×5.5 inches). With only 120 pages, it hardly seems unlimited. Of course, they probably meant what you could do with it and where you could take it, not in capacity. It will fit nicely in a breast pocket, or a camera bag.

The paper is the Rhodia paper I know and love (which I believe is made by Clairefontaine). They describe it as having a “soft touch,” which it does. It feels stronger than the covers in the notebooks, and thinner than the leatherette of the Webbie. It has a striped closing strap.

Not completely sure what it will get used for–I’m thinking it may live in my camera bag. In any case, it was a neat surprise to win it.


2 responses to “Rhodia Unlimited Notebook Winner!

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