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One of my favorite musicians, Dave Carter, passed away ten years ago. One of the best lyricists, I had this hunch that the next album he would release, the right movie using one of his songs, or the right cover, would bring him to the popular conscious. Sadly, he passed away before any of this could happen.

I’ve been listening to a “new” CD his partner, Tracy Grammer, released. “Little Blue Egg” is a collection of tapes they made that had not been released. It has a very stripped-down quality to it, reminding me of the one time I got to see them live.

One interesting thing is that some songs were later recorded and released by Ms. Grammer on a solo album. However, on “Little Blue Egg,” it’s Mr. Carter who performs the vocals. For some songs, I prefer his performance; for others, I think her version is superior.

Here’s Tracy Grammer performing “Hard to Make It.”


Posted 2012-03-01 by Mr. Guilt in Music

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