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Ogden Hall SignIt was a leap day twenty years ago–roughly to the time this post is scheduled to go up–that I met my wife. Ogden Dining Hall at Miami University had continuous meal service. This was handy for me. My schedule was such that I really didn’t get a crack at lunch until mid-afternoon. However, I could catch lunch there early–right when they switched over from breakfast.

I also was able to meet up with a woman I met, who lived in the residence part of Ogden. She would go for breakfast (right before the cut-over) with her roommate. Eventually, I married the roommate. Of course, we didn’t even date for almost ten months; it was six years before we got married. The alumni association calls us (and others who met at our University) “Miami Mergers.”

In any case, it’s a happy mini-anniversery (which doesn’t come up too often for us). I have now known my wife for twenty years–half my life. There are very few people (outside of my family) I know and deal with regularly who I’ve known longer. Quite a thing to think about.


Posted 2012-02-29 by Mr. Guilt in Family, miavx1.acs.muohio.edu

2 responses to “Leap Day Introductions

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  1. If I remember correctly– the Rebeccas would go in during breakfast and you’d enter 3 min later on a “lunch” punch. Then we’d all eat together. Glad you and Rebecca found each other!!

    • Yep–that’s pretty much how it worked. I seem ot recall on more than one occasion, I’d be waiting in the hall for the clock to strike the “lunch,” and y’all would walk past me to get in while still “breakfast.”

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