Snow Leopard Cub Coming to Cincinnati   2 comments

Last March, we went to the Chattanooga Zoo to see their snow leopard cub. She was later named Renji, and is about 14 months old now. You remember her:
Hanging Out Behind Mom

On Monday, there was exciting news. As part of a Species Survival Plan, she has been paired with Nubo, a male snow leopard from New Jersey, to breed. This is exciting, because, quite simply, the world needs more of this endangered cat. As few as 3,500 may remain in the wild. What is exciting to me is that they will be doing so in the Cincinnati Zoo, presumably as part of the new Cat Canyon. As you may expect, there will be lots of pictures.

Don’t you think it’s great, Renji?
Sleeping Behind Mom
Maybe she’s just resting up for it.

Apologies to my twitter peeps, who heard all about this already.


2 responses to “Snow Leopard Cub Coming to Cincinnati

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  1. Such incredibly beautiful animals! I’m so glad for the pairing! And for the future pictures!

  2. I’m sure she’ll enjoy her new home!

    Snow leopards are so beautiful.

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